Ex-USS Kittiwake at West Bay, Grand Cayman (VIDEO)

Who wants to dive this? I think it would be an awesome dive!


Ex-USS Kittiwake at West Bay, Grand Cayman on Vimeo

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3 thoughts on “Ex-USS Kittiwake at West Bay, Grand Cayman (VIDEO)

  1. Kittiwake is a great and easy wreck to dive!
    It lies between 15 to 70ft, so it is a feasible for nearly every diver on a clear day (which is nearly every day in Cayman).
    The ship has been prepared to be sunk and become an artificial reef so it is very accessible.
    It has been down there at Seven Mile Beach, near the wall, for one year and four months.
    The growth in marine life has been quite promising over that short time.
    It’s a joy to dive the Kittiwake!
    Thanks for posting my video!
    Happy diving!

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for the awesome video! I really want to dive this and watching this video just reinforces that! Hope that you have a few more good videos up your sleeve as well as I would love to post them here!

  2. The wreck looks great and a visit to Grand Cayman is always a treat. I do hope many watch this video and want to get the chance to visit and dive this wreck and the many splendid sites around Grand, Little and Cayman Brac.

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